AtOne in the Media

Radio Appearances


by Edwina on ABC Illawarra | With Nick Rheinberger


by Edwina on Triple M Queensland | With Banksy and Pinky


by Edwina on SeaFM, Sunshine Coast | With Heidi and BarRat


by Edwina on ABC Far North | With Kier Shorey

Host of Health & Happiness Radio Show

Eddie was approached by a London company in 2012 to become part of one of the first online radio shows. Eddie hosted her own Health & Happiness Show on Untangled FM for 12 months where she interviewed world leaders in all areas of health and performance. 

Benefits of Juice Fasts

by Edwina and Joe Cross | Eddie discusses Joe’s personal journey and transformational health benefits from his juice fast which inspired the production of his film “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” and his “Reboot” program.


by Edwina and Dr Ellen Langer | Eddie speaks to the Harvard Professor, Dr Langer on her approach to mindfulness and her books which discuss the results of her 30 years of research.


by Edwina and Dr Tim Sharp | Dr Sharp is the founder of the Happiness Institute and Eddie discusses his approaches to positive psychology and happiness with his clients and tips for the listeners.

Sustainable Living & overcoming the Paradigm Storm

by Edwina and Adam Blakester

Spirituality and Intuition

by Edwina and Amanda Rosetti


by Edwina and Colleen Dooley

Kinesiology & Alternative Medicine

by Edwina and Trevor Savage

AtOne respects the essential living custodial relationship between all First Nations peoples and the land, the water and the oceans, and we respect their cultural and spiritual practices.

We recognise all Elders, past, present and emerging, and are committed to reconciliation among all people