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We  improve your own performance and that of your people by reducing stress and building mind fitness.

AtOne is a virtual reality(VR) mind fitness trainer that uses meditation, biometrics and immersive environments to take people into a relaxed and focused state, faster.

An organisation's most powerful asset is
its people

Caring for people's mental health and wellbeing is essential for creating happy and productive teams in sport and workplaces. People need more support and tools than ever before to cope in this ever-changing, fast-paced world. 

Many teams and workplaces have solutions to support people once a mental health challenge has been identified. AtOne aims to both support these programs and provide a preventative measure by providing tools and experiences for training the mind and managing stress with data to measure and track results. 

Team managers need to provide ‘time out’ for people to prevent burnout. As with any elite athlete, recovery is as important as the work to ensure people can perform their best. Recovery and mind fitness is important to reduce the risk of fatigue, mistakes, and injuries in the workplace, at home and on the sporting field.



  • Enter a deep state of relaxation and focus faster with AtOne's multi-sensory approach 
  • Reset thoughts and mindset 
  • Reduce symptoms of stress and improve recovery


  • Prevent burnout with regular, short AtOne breaks 
  • Improve emotional regulation with guided sessions 
  • Online training tips to build mind fitness


  • Improve clarity, focus, engagement and recovery 
  • Train the mind for better results 
  • Track your progress through data reporting on mind fitness

The AtOne Program includes experiences, tools and online training to support individuals and teams to build their mind fitness. 

View improvements in mental fitness and your ability to relax and focus over time and in time with AtOne’s data reporting including measurements on heart rate and heart rate variability. Reporting gives insights and data for both individual and group results .

AtOne Targets And Measures  Focus Clarity Engagement Emotional Function Relaxation & Recovery

The 5 key areas of mind fitness to improve health & performance personally and professionally.
AtOne is a virtual reality(VR) mind fitness trainer that uses mindfulness meditation techniques, visualisations, biometrics and immersive environments to target stress, recovery and behaviour change.

  • AtOne provides in-the-moment stress relief and long-term capacity building.  
  • AtOne is an end-to-end solution for mind fitness. It brings together scientific research from various approaches and brings them into one program.
  • Reporting capabilities, at either an individual or group level, provide insights on user results including measurements on heart rate, heart rate variability, and mind performance.

Meet Our Founder,
Edwina Griffin

The AtOne experience was inspired by our Founder when she collapsed from workplace stress due to a toxic environment and was taken away by ambulance. 

In this state of heightened stress, she found her usual meditation practices difficult to do and she needed more support to enable her to relax and focus.

Employees who reported negative experiences with their employer


Australians experience a mental health condition


Employed adults say work is a significant source of stress


Gen Z & Millennial employees who have experienced low productivity due to burnout


Serious work-related mental health conditions attributed to work-related stress


The Problem

In this world of constant change and stress, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and anxious with low energy and negative thought loops. 

Many people don’t realise that you can train your mind in the same way we train our body. Neuroplasticity shows that we can create new neural pathways and strengthen those neural pathways through repetition. As Norman Doidge said in his book The Brain that Changes Itself, “neurons that fire together, wire together”. 

Repetition of the positive suggestions made in your meditation sessions will help to train your mind towards more positive thoughts and neural pathways to create what you want. 

AtOne uses a multi-sensory approach to target stress and anxiety and is based on scientific research using virtual reality, scents, music and guided meditations. Online training supports your mental fitness.

The Solution

AtOne is a solution for team leaders, athletes, and individuals wanting to support mental health, prevent burnout and improve the performance of their team. 

Psychosocial safety is critical for workplaces today and AtOne reduces risk to an organisation by providing a solution to stress and improve long-term capacity. 

Whether you are wanting to be at your best level of health and perform your best in the workplace or on the sporting field , AtOne targets the symptoms of stress and trains your mind for increased resilience and better results. 

High performance requires a growth mindset and AtOne trains the mind towards positive behaviours aligned to the goals of the individual and the organisation. Regular meditation and mind fitness training contributes to a greater awareness amongst team members to enable more mindful communication and engagement for healthier, happier team culture.

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Whether You Are Wanting To Perform Your Best In Your Workplace Or On The Sporting Field Or At Home, AtOne Targets The Symptoms Of Stress And Trains Your Mind Towards More Positive Outcomes And Behaviours.

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