About AtOne

AtOne targets stress and enhances performance using virtual reality, visualisations and mind fitness reporting.

Our Vision Is To Provide Virtual Reality Solutions
To Improve Health & Performance

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Meet Our Founder,
Edwina Griffin

Edwina was inspired to develop AtOne after collapsing from stress in a toxic work environment. Eddy is a high-performance expert who increases performance by delivering interventions that drive an individual’s well-being. Eddy has taught meditation for over 20 years and she specialises in the interconnection and balance of body, mind, and soul for the benefit of the individual and for the culture and performance of an organisation.

Our Mission

AtOne reduces the impacts of stress and prepare people for high stress situations using virtual reality, immersive environments and mind fitness reporting.

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Start Your Mind Fitness Transformation

Whether You Are Wanting To Perform Your Best In Your Workplace Or On The Sporting Field Or At Home, AtOne Targets The Symptoms Of Stress And Trains Your Mind Towards More Positive Outcomes And Behaviours.

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